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I can answer all your questions.., All the images taken during the commemoration of Holy Week, which commemorate every March 15 every year (Good Friday for Catolic).

Why they wear blue, black or violet?
Since March 15 consider as Jesus Christ death, all the members was in mourn, thats why wearibg blue, black or violet., but normally, they wear white as a sign of cleanliness.., white then started to wear on march 17 (easter sunday for catholic).

Why the alter has black cover?
same with the catholic churches, during good friday all the saint images covered by a cloth.

Why the church has no chair?
Because the proper way of praising God, asking for His guidance, asking for His forgiveness on our sins is by kneeling. Even the first believers to our God, they kneeling while praying..


Great shots. Really love your pictures !

Traveler on Foot

Happy Easter Sidney.

I'm glad to see Isabel Suarez of Ciudad Mystica (first mage). She is the revered woman-pope of the religious organization.

I interviewed her a few years ago when I was doing a report about Mount Banahaw (I was a sophomore then).

It was Ciudad Mystica who accepted my team and Isabel Suarez was generous enough to provide us with information about Banahaw and their organization.

Your Banahaw series made me remember those days when we was doing my report that made our team won an award for best documentary.


hi sidney, happy easter! just catching up with your posts since i've been gone for over a week. really interesting posts i've only read or heard about but never really experienced.


i'm also curious about the significance of the black and blue robes. =)

nice series, very interesting.


What is the significant of the blue robes and the black ones for the flag bearers?


haggis basher

This is the best set of images in your current series, they leave me with a lot of questions. Why Black monk like robes? Why Blue robes? why is there no seats in the church? why the black screen in front of the alter?

Matthew Greco

I like the angles on these shots

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